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We're working on a Jira plugin to allow companies to reduce the cost of a product discovery mistake, in order to bring products to market faster.

In fact, it takes 1.5 hours a day from a Chief Product Officer to get a helicopter view on all products and features, costing around $30,000-50,000 a year. In addition, it slows down a product team resulting in $4.3M for a company of 10,000 people. So, total loss of $4-7M a year.

We want to make a system to assess your products and features perspectives inline with your team's ability. As a result, you'll get a simple table with your products rankings and explanation why. Instantly. Automatically calculated inside Jira, Kaiten or whatever other task-tracker you use.

Would you like to join a community of early-adopters to help me build such a system for you? Please let me know ⬇️

Ksenia Solomatina
Main problems our system solves off
High cost of a product error
Sometimes you spend too much time gathering colleagues, discussing problems and making boards.
Tough Backlog Prioritisation
Sometimes your mailbox is full of correspondence from all the team and customers.
Chaotic information
There are always a million of tasks collected together and you can not decide what to start with.
Who am I looking for?
Product Portfolio Managers, Chief Product Officers, Head of Product, Senior Product Managers or Product Directors — everyone who deals with Product Portfolio Prioritization!
Target Industries: EdTech, E-commerce, Travel, FinTech. If you are from another industries please join too — we'll find a way to cooperate!
You constantly work on at least 5 products, features of hypothesis... and, of course, you are open to experiments!
What's the plan?

MVP testing

So far, I made plug-ins for Jira + Confluence and Notion and started 2 pilots for 20 product teams in total. To get this test done 30 more teams are needed.

So, I'll be more than happy to start working with you to build the system inline with your needs!

I'll share the access and will ask for a feedback.

Open Beta launch

As soon as the test is accomplished, we'll move forward to the Open Beta launch.

We'll measure all the outcomes, advantages and disadvantages. I'll work our your feedback and make the system comfortable for you to use. I'll also add additional features on product discovery process.

The first step will take 1 month, the second one — 2-3 months.

🎁Bonus for you

Of course, you'll benefit of 6 months of a Saas unlimited access for free once the system is ready!

Some more reasons to join
Product Step
The system determines the stage of a product or feature
Team Skills
Easy diagnostics of required and available team competencies
Plan Forecasting
Building a clear product development trajectory
Predicting the team's potential progress over a period of time
Clear interface
System is so simple. There is no need to tell them how to use it. They simply do.
Minimize meetings
Discuss feedback in context, complete tasks, updates designs in seconds
Unleash you Product Power with Intelligent Process!
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